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At Home with the Fembots

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: FF; lesbian; rom; store; pods; machine; fembot; suit; encase; F2fembot; mind-control; sexbot; controlled; cons; X

After a night of rapid fire sexual pleasure, my girlfriend and I fell asleep on top of each other, a cool breeze from the window lapping at our naked bodies. With my head on her chest, I could feel her softly breathing. Our bodies intertwined with each other as we fell asleep.

Morning came, as the light streamed into our bedroom. The crisp ocean air flowed freely in, as I felt her get out of bed. Gazing at her beautiful body, she caught me staring. Posing in such a way that her butt seemed to get larger, she asked, “Like what you see Laura?”

Standing up and moving close to her, I leaned in and said, “This is the only view I care about Sarah.” With a small peck on the lips, we got changed and went downstairs to make breakfast. Later, sitting at the table, she asked what I wanted to do today. 

“What about taking the train into town and walking around?”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

A little while later we had arrived in the city and began to stroll around. We stopped in a few places but nothing really caught our attention. Although I have to say that Sarah caught quite a few looks.

“Seems like your show has been getting quite the attention.”

She playfully patted me on the back, “Ha-ha, the only reason you are not getting the attention is because you are the mysterious director, who never shows their face.”

“Simple, there is only one fan I care about,” I said as I wrapped my arm around her waist. 

We soon stumbled across the flagship store for fembot Inc., a company that in recent years had become more and more popular. Together, we stared longingly at the suits in the window, marveling at their impressive beauty. 

“Would it be crazy if we…” I spoke out loud.

Sarah looked at me with a look in her eye, “...made our lives a little more mechanical?”

“I love you.”

We walked inside to the ultra-modern storefront. Inside a number of bots were helping out customers, one of whom approached the two of us.

“Greetings Ladies, my name is Trisabot. Are you two together or separate?”

Sarah spoke, “Together, but…”

I looked at her, “But what?”

She turned to me, “What if we purchased the suits separately, then we try them on we get the benefit of an extra surprise?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Trisabot proceeded to take me into one room while Sarah went into another. After a period of time reviewing the various options I finally chose one in hot pink. 
“Quiet, ha. This is feminine as anything else.”

We exited our rooms at the same time and went up to pay. We were told that they would arrive in a week, and would set up for us. We thanked them and headed out, awaiting for the next weekend.

The next week

“CUT!” I yelled out. “That’s a wrap for today, see you all next week.”

Filming had finished for the day, luckily we had gotten the last few shots we needed in. Telling Sarah, I’d meet her outside of her trailer, I had a quick meeting with my producers to plan out the location shots for the next week. As I was walking over to her trailer my phone began to buzz. 

“Laura Here.”

“Hello Ms. Laura, this is the fembot inc delivery people. We’ve installed the set ups in the spare bedroom as per your request.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Welcome, thank you for your purchase.”

Buzzing with excitement, I knocked furiously on Sarah’s door. Opening it, she looked at me with a quizzed expression before finally developing a look of understanding.

“You don’t mean?”

“I do, get your bag so we can head home.”

Grabbing her bag, we piled into my open top mustang and pulled out of the studio lot. Waving goodbye to the security guards we pulled onto the coast road and drove back home. 

“I can’t wait; I’m literally shaking,” Sarah said.

“Save that for the suit and we are goanna have a good time.” My remark was quickly followed by a playful punch from Sarah.

“Sometimes I wonder how I ever found you funny.”


We looked at each other for a brief moment and smiled, before turning our gaze back onto the road. Eventually we made it home, parked, and headed inside. Rather than plopping down onto the couch as we normally did, we dumped our stuff there and walked straight into the former guest bedroom, now designated fembot HQ for ourselves. In it, there was still a bed but it was flanked by two pleasure pods on either side. In addition, two charging stands stood side by side. Meanwhile the largest piece of furniture was the two closets, for changing into the suits. 

“Are you ready?” She asked me

“Hell yea!” 

We stripped down until we naked in front of our respective slots. Placing our hands onto the panels, it recognized us and opened up. Inside a number of arms beckoned us in. With one last kiss I stepped into my pod and saw the door slide shut behind me, trapping me inside the container. I heard it speak.

“User ID?”


“User ID Laurabot confirmed, beginning processing.”

The machine lifted me up and held me in place as the machine began its mission of robotizing me. The arms felt cool, and made it so that I couldn’t move no matter what I tried to do. After wiping me down, it began to assemble my new and improved body. The machine lifted the boot in front of me. On the inside, the metal interior was flanked by some padding, so that it would fit oh so tightly around me. On the outside the metal was a beautiful shade of hot pink, which would make me look oh so sexy. As my feet were encased in the boots, I could feel myself getting warm from the touch of the metal against my naked body.

The machine put me down and magnetized the platform so that the arms could continue the process of assemblage. The knee joints were soon in place, followed by the upper leg components. I could feel the magnets holding it all into place, which would be replaced by the electro magnets once the suit turned me on. 

I knew which part was coming next, and I braced myself as best I could. The butt was made to be larger, giving me a supermodel like body. The penetrating rod was thick and long, and would fill my insides. The metal felt cold as the machine carefully slid it into place. Given that I was already wet, the machine needed no lube to get it into place. On the outside would be an artificial vagina, capable of handling anything that would be thrown into me. As my butt was slid into place, the tightness gave me oh so much pleasure. Soon the corset was put into place and the metal tightened around my supple body, covering me in a beautiful hot pink metal. 

Next the machine took my arms and proceeded to cover them in a variety of joints and other coverings. My hands were first slid into a pair of thick latex gloves before my new hands were created. I wiggled them, hearing the soft click of metal as my fingers touched metal onto metal. Soon my back, which contained all of the necessary batteries and so on, was locked into place. My hands, now attached to the sides of the machine, felt so contained within them. The machine added sensory additions to my nipples, before sliding on my breastplate. My tits were covered in that thick metal coating, and I could look down and see my two beautiful orbs of metal, now sized D. I looked like a literal model, but it wasn’t done yet. Shoulders were added to cover the joints, and then the machine carefully wrapped a neck corset around me. I could only stare forwards now, as the machine continued its mission. My hair was covered up by a back plate, and soon the only thing left was the faceplate. However, the machine asked,

“User is paired with other user, option for faceplate to be self-applied?”


“Affirmative. Suit will begin function once faceplate is locked on.”

The machine handed me my faceplate, which I could see had glowing red eyes and a long rod for extra pleasure. The doors opened and I was released into the bedroom, at the same time Sarah was. I turned to her and admired her. Her suit was a beautiful silver chrome, which fit her so tightly. She had also chosen to put the faceplate on herself, which allowed me to see her staring at me with those beautiful fuck me eyes. 

“Damn, you look amazing,” She said to me, laying her faceplate down onto the bed.

“Almost as good as you do,” I said doing the same.

She grabbed me, and I felt her lips connect to mind. Our metal bodies moved in rhythm, as we kissed and grabbed at each other with a force unlike that had been seen before. Soon, we grabbed our faceplates and laid down onto the bed. One of my hands reached down and positioned itself right in her vagina. She nodded yes and did the same.

“Let’s do it.”

With my other hand I carefully inserted the rod into my mouth and gagged slightly as it penetrated my mouth deep. Soon it reached its limit and the faceplate connected with a sharp CLICK. Suddenly the machine turned on every sensor. I could feel her fingers in mine intensifying the sensations I was feeling. I feel everything against my body, including the fact that she was getting oh so wet. Our moans reached peaks at the same time as out suits tested and calibrated every little feature. Eventually, our bodies stopped processing and my vision returned. I turned over, panting slightly from the peaks of pleasure I had been experiencing. I looked longingly at her gorgeous face, as Sarahbot began to speak.

“Oh my, why didn’t we do this sooner?”

I positioned myself on top of her, “Never came to mind before that we shared this kink.”

I laid my pink metal body down on top of hers and grabbed her face, kissing her with all of my metal might. We spent hours in this position, swapping who was on top and who was on bottom. Later, I asked if she would like it if I activated my sexbot programming.

“I’ll miss your sweet humor, but I’m ready for my fucktoy.”

“Suit, Activate Sexbot programming, 24 hours, all action consent on, power of control to Mistress Sarahbot” I said, nervous but excited. I held onto her hand as my mind was erased, giving complete control over to the suit. My last thought of my own accord was about how beautiful my girlfriend was. I saw numbers in front of my vision and eagerly read them. My mind was now blank, existing only to serve as a sexbot.

“Sexbot activated.”

Sarahbot soon took control over me, and I felt so much enjoyment out of being a blank mind for once. Existing only to serve as a sexbot. We continued with this long into the night, just enjoying each other in our sexy new bodies.


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