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Androids R Us

by Robotunit8 | Forum Feedback

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Storycodes: F/f; labratory; chamber; nanobots; bodysuit; conversion; F2android; mind-control; bodymod; mechanise; packaged; shipped; stewardess; recondition; program; sexbot; lesbian; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

(This is another story that started out as an Expo piece, with the concept of being different to your normal style of writing. Well correct me if I’m wrong but I dont think ‘Stephanie’ has been the robotiser before, think she has always been the robotised one. And also I’ve given her a bit of a nasty streak which is certainly not me! Hope you like.)

It was proving a long night at ‘Androids R Us’ in the maintenance lab, she didn't know whether it was the latest batch of software they had been sent, or simply bad luck, but of late too many Androids were being returned with ‘minor faults’ and due to ‘rationalisations’ Stephanie Williams, head of maintenance was feeling stressed and overworked.

It wouldnt have been so much of a problem but Xmas was approaching and ‘everyone’ wanted suitable Androids for their displays, and with the problems they were having with models, demand was far outrunning supply. They had just managed to fulfil all orders but it had meant using every functioning android shell in the building to do so. Alright the next batch was due in 2 days time, and the manufacturers had promised the ‘software glitch’ was now cured, but she just hoped they were right. They were managing, just about, to repair or replace all the faulty ones, but clients were demanding quick turnaround due to the ‘time of year’ which meant she wasnt getting enough sleep.

Then she heard it... the one piece of news she didn't need to hear, one of their major clients had a faulty Android, and they needed a replacement by the next day... how? She did think of re-customising one of the new batch, and then telling that customer that there was a slight delay, but the last thing she needed was to recustomise, given the current unreliability of the software. Would probably end up with neither customer getting their model and Stephanie getting in trouble.

There was a way of getting round the problem, but it was unethical, probably illegal (even if only temporary), and besides which she’d need a volunteer stupid enough to agree to it, and where would she find one of them at this time of night? She groaned at the thought. If she did it she’d probably be up before the ethics committee, and if she didn't she’d be up before the board in all likelihood.

She was just pondering what to do when... she walked in with a cup of coffee for her boss. Tracy Smithers was the new Junior in their department, trouble was that coffee making was about the height of Tracy’s talents! How she had ever got the job Stephanie didn't know! Well she did actually, the head of unit had promised the local orphanage a secondment on site a few weeks before, and Tracy had been that secondment. But why did he have to put her in her department?

Then suddenly she thought, hang on, an orphan not well known around here, none too well off on the brains front, chronically short sighted, and she stays here most evenings as she doesn't like going back to the orphanage... and just about legal for what Stephanie had in mind. But could she do it to any human... alright with the new Conversion Chamber she could, but that didn't make it right. Besides which the conversion chamber hadn't even been tested yet... but it would get her out of a deep hole... hmm, why not?

She answered herself, “That's easy, because its unethical, illegal, and even if I only design it as a temporary program we have no idea if the rehumanisation thing actually works as it has never been tested. Mind, I’m not 100% sure any human has actually been converted to Android yet either! But there has to be a first sometime.”

She took her coffee off Tracy and thanked her, which came as a shock to Tracy as she’d regarded Ms Williams as a bit of a selfish ice maiden up to now, who never praised anyone. What she didn't know was that was down to the current stresses at work, but... or what she had in mind for Tracy. She was even more pleasantly surprised when Stephanie offered her a seat. She peered over at her through her thick glasses.

“Enjoying your work here Tracy?” Stephanie asked her.

“I guess so.” Tracy replied, “Would be nicer if I got to do some real work instead of just making coffee most of the time.” she added slightly despondently.

This was the moment Stephanie threw all morals out of the window!

“Well if you want to do something more than that, I wish you’d asked me.”

Tracy laughed inwardly, asking the ‘ice maiden’ anything like that was something she would never have even considered doing, but just nodded politely and said she would enjoy that.

“How soon have you got to be back at the Orphanage?” Stephanie asked her, “Can you spare a couple of hours or so?”

Tracy looked at the clock, just after 7pm, no one would notice if she didn't get back till nearly lights out for the seniors at 10.30pm!

“Yes, why?”

“Because I need someone to help me calibrate the new Conversion Chamber that’s just arrived, and its not something I can do on my own. I can't connect myself up to it and take the readings at the same time unfortunately! All I need is someone to link themselves up to it, let me align it to their brainwave formation and then we know it's ready for when we have to reprogram the Androids for new duties. After all, we won't need thousands of ‘fairys and elves’ after Xmas so we need to be able to convert them for other duties. So if you are willing, you would be doing me a great favour, I’ll make it worth your while I promise.” Stephanie told her.

“Is it safe?” Tracy asked her, “Sounds a bit dangerous all this thing about linking to my brainwave formations and the like, I won't come to any harm will I?”

Stephanie managed to keep a straight face, and just about tell the truth!

“You’ll be fine Tracy, its not actually going to link to your mind, just use it as a guide to get the right level of awareness to make the Androids seem as human as possible. I will have to run one or two other programs just to make it work properly, but nothing that will damage your human body at all. And you become a valuable member of the team, and lets face it, thats what you want to happen isn't it?”

Tracy nodded, if this was what she had to do to progress, then what harm was there?

“OK, if its safe I’ll do it. If it takes too long I might need a lift home...”

“Not a problem!” said Stephanie grinning wickedly, “Just let me get all the gear together and I’ll help you in. Oh, by the way, I need you to remove all your clothes and wear a special bodysuit that reads all your vital signs, just so I can keep an eye on you, its all a bit experimental and I wouldn't want you coming to any harm. I’ll fetch it for you now.”

“Thanks.” said Tracy, “Where can I change into it?”

“In my office, there’s no one else about to see you at this time of night anyway. Just you, me and the Androids!”

And as she went to fetch the bodysuit added under her breath, “And with luck I will soon only be the only human surrounded by Androids!”

She fetched the bodysuit and handed it to Tracy who went off to change as instructed, meanwhile she readied the conversion chamber and ‘accidentally’ activated all the gadgets so that it would ensure that it was a full transformation happening in the chamber rather than the simple brainwave assimilation program that she had told Tracy about. It only took Tracy a few minutes to change, she’d removed every item of clothing as instructed, the only thing she was wearing other than the bodysuit was her glasses which she needed to wear, being so short sighted she could barely see without them.

Stephanie eyed her up and down, trying not to show too much excitement at what she had planned in case Tracy suspected anything. She was pretty enough, shortish chestnut brown hair and a nice enough looking face. Her large D cup breasts pressed out through the body suit, her nipples standing up like little bullets in the chill of the lab. And though she was only about 5′ 6 tall she had nice, sleek long legs.

“She’d make a nice sex-bot!” Stephanie thought to herself, “Trouble is thats not what I need by the morning. Still maybe when she’s finished her duties I might not change her back, assuming I can even do so, just realign her way of thinking!” and grinned. She’d always wanted someone to share her bed with at night, but people found her too dedicated to her work to be good company and a good lover, but an Android wouldn't worry about things like that! Besides, she’d always fancied women as much as men. She’d heard herself described as an ice maiden, maybe it was now time for the ice to melt a little.

She guided Tracy over to the Conversion Chamber and helped her climb in. She strapped her in tightly and placed the electrode skull cap over her head. Placing the mind probes by the side of her head, she removed her glasses, gave her a quick, soft kiss on the nose, and said, “Thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.” and moved back to the control desk.

Tracy just hoped she was doing the right thing. She wasn't going to escape from here very easily!

Stephanie barely even thought about the consequences before pushing the button to activate the Conversion Chamber in full transformation mode, after all Tracy was an orphan no one would worry about, so why should she care about her?

Tracy gasped as the machine powered up, she knew Stephanie had told her she had to run ‘1 or 2 things’ extra during the process, but the whole chamber seemed covered in a bright blue glow. Then the electrical surge hit her and she screamed, but apart from Stephanie no one heard her, and Stephanie didn't care! Tracy felt the mind probes clamp tightly to the side of her head, and then they too began to pulse causing her head to throb. But soon her mind began to blank out and her awareness of the outside world disappeared. She never felt the dozen or so sharp needles enter through the back of her skull and pierce her brain, but soon they got to work, loading her mind with nanobots, erasing her own thoughts and replacing them with her ‘android duties’ in the role she would be fulfilling. The body suit and her flesh were now fused together as one, and the electricity pulsing through her began steadily to change her body from flesh and blood to circuitry and wiring. She looked the same on the outside, but internally...!

Though Stephanie couldn't see Tracy’s body for all the electricity arcing around, and indeed through it, the computer readouts showed the dramatic changes happening within her. The programming functionality rating was steadily climbing, and even after 5 minutes or so Tracy was 70% Android and only 30% human. Her neural programming units were not quite so well filled, at this stage it was nearer 50% but the level of Android control of her mind was rising steadily. Another 5 minutes or so and she would be transformed fully into an Android unit. Maybe she could be changed back in time, but Stephanie really didn't care about that. And this model shouldn't have software problems as it was an organic based transformation unit.

Then a few minutes later came the moment of truth, both readings were showing 100% completion of work, so Stephanie began to switch things off. Beyond increasing her height by a couple of inches (required for duties) she’d made no physical changes to Tracy, she didn't think they were needed. She checked her over, no signs of breathing, but then again an Android barely breathed beyond the ‘realism’ thing, so she didn't let that worry her. She grabbed a remote control and activated the unit. Tracy’s brown eyes opened and Stephanie smiled, it had worked!

“What is your designation?” Stephanie asked firmly.

“Android Unit 16017,” Tracy blankly replied, “Fully programmed and operational for required duties.”

Stephanie punched the air in joy, Tracy may have ‘disappeared’ but her job was safe. The next morning ‘Tracy’ left boxed up, deactivated heading to her new owners. One or two asked what happened to the new girl, but rumours were started she’d just headed for the ‘big city’, and lets face it, no one is going to start major searches for orphans.

* * *

(Later the next day, ...... airport. Offices of Lancing Airways.)

“Urgent parcel for Lancing Airways, can you please sign here.”

He signed, and took delivery, knowing what was in the parcel, “Androids R Us are so reliable, even in times of mild crisis they come through for us, what a company. Lets see what she looks like.”

He unwrapped the box, took her out and plugged her into charge. Not bad at all, about 5ft 8 tall, pretty with chestnut hair and brown eyes. And fantastic long legs. And glasses, now that was a new touch for Androids, but he let it pass him by. He might have ‘other plans’ for this model as well as work. Then he read Stephanie’s attached note and groaned, apparantly this model was only a temporary secondment until their own was fully repaired in the next week or so, when she had to be returned to go back to ‘normal duties’.

“Shame about that.” he thought to himself.

* * *

(Following morning)

“May I welcome you on board Lancing Airways flight 261 to Portland. My name is Tracy, and I am your chief stewardess today on this flight. As you know all Lancing Airway stewardesses are Android Units programmed to perfection to look after our customers while enabling us to keep fares low. On behalf of all my crew I wish you a pleasant journey.”

* * *

(10 days later)

Stephanie eagerly retrieved the returns box from Lancing Airways knowing the prize inside. She smiled as she saw a deactivated Tracy standing blankly in the box. By this time all the fuss over Tracy’s disappearance had died down completely, and Stephanie had decided she wasn't even going to try to change her back... just in case she remembered what had happened to her. Then she’d be in big trouble!

The irony was she could have just left Tracy as a chief stewardess with Lancing Airways and no one would ever have known the truth, but she didn't want to do that, she’d wanted to experiment a little more with the Conversion Chamber and Tracy had given her the chance to do so. Normally Android units simply came to her with a blank AI and she simply uploaded whichever program was needed, much as she had done with Tracy of course. But there was one ‘little’ difference, Tracy already had memories and a mind of her own, and though Stephanie assumed they were pretty worthless things she hadn't simply erased them as she could have done, but had chosen to try out the Memory Retention Unit and store them there. It had never been used before to her knowledge, as far as she knew Tracy was the first human so adapted (well apart from rumours of a couple of top secret experimentations that no one knew details about, and she doubted very much they were allowed to keep their own thoughts afterwards!) so she had no idea how well it might work. Besides, there was no point in having an Android as dull, and dim, as Tracy had been. Or of course, with the free will to tell people what had happened. So what to do...?

Then her own body gave her the perfect idea. She couldn't deny looking at Tracy’s naked form wasn't turning her on, the wetness soaking into her panties betrayed just how attractive she found the girl’s new form, and besides, it would give her chance to lose her ‘Ice Maiden’ tag if she found herself a lover, but Tracy had to be ‘improved’ if she was going to fulfil the role, both intelligence wise, and a little sexuality realignment as well would do her no harm at all.

She tracked down a few useful downloads on the computer base and stored them in her personal filing system, there wouldn't be the chance to use them until tonight, but then...! As she said to herself, ethics had already gone out the window in this case, so why should she worry what further changes she made to the girl now? There was only one little snag that she could see, how did she explain the return of Tracy, especially given she was now taller, and would soon be far more intelligent than before? She could easily change her looks, but didn't want to if she could help it, her body was telling her she fancied her just as she was now?

She hastily stored the box away securely for the day, this was one returned Android she didn't want anyone else finding out about! During her breaks between work she played with the various sytems she was planning to download into Tracy, to make them ‘more suitable’ for a real person. A little bit of lesbian sexbot, a little bit of enhanced AI, and ‘one or two other things’ that would make Tracy a far more interesting person to be around, and an excellent lover and companion. A decision on whether to give her a new identity could be made later, most people wouldn't notice the 2 inch growth in height, but they’d notice the dramatic increase in IQ and the perfect eyesight she planned to give her as a ‘reward’ for all she’d been through, as well as for her own personal pleasure of course.

Finally the days work was over, and all but Stephanie had left for home, she’d smiled when she’d heard someone comment about the ‘Ice Maiden’ having no one to go home to, and maybe she needed someone that she could! What they didn't know was that she was just about to create her perfect lover and companion to go home to at night!

She retrieved Tracy from the safe store where she had put the case containing her during the day and brought her back into the lab and placed her back into the Conversion Chamber, this time she didn't need to worry about Tracy asking ‘silly questions’ of course! She placed the mind probes against her head, fastened her down safely, then checked, and double checked the new programming she had designed during the day. She set the Chamber to reprogramming, pressed the button and hoped it all worked out right. All she could see was powerful blue arcs of electricity coursing across, and through the android body while everything was downloaded into her circuitry.

All the circuitry within Android Unit 16017 was being reconfigured to Stephanie’s wishes, meanwhile 2 laser beams were working on the eyes, restoring perfect 20/20 vision to eyes that had long forgotten what that was like. As an after thought she hadn't (for now at least) removed her Stewardess programming, her thinking being that it was then a job she could easily find employment in, should either, or both of them desire it. After what seemed like hours to Stephanie, but was indeed a mere 10 minutes or so the computer signalled that the ‘android realignment process’ was now completed so she began to switch things off. She didn't quite know whether to be thrilled or embarrassed by the fact her panties were again soaked with her juices, the anticipation of what might be coming proving too much for her. She certainly was hoping that the musky smell would activate all Tracy’s lesbian desires she had just loaded into her mind.

She released her from the Conversion Chamber, then the moment of truth, she reactivated Unit 16017 and to her relief and delight she sat up, her brown eyes twinkling at the sight that greeted her.

“Hello Mistress and Owner.” Tracy said blankly, “What name do you wish to designate for your Lesbian Companion Unit? Her current status is Android Unit 16017.”

Stephanie smiled back, “Designated name is Tracy Simpson, please confirm designation input.”

Tracy went blank for a moment, then replied, “Designation confirmed as Tracy Simpson, what name am I to use for my Mistress and Owner?”

“Stephanie Williams.” she calmly replied, trying not to soak her panties anymore at the though of what was about to happen, “Confirm designated duties for Tracy Simpson please.”

“Tracy has been designated as Lesbian lover and companion unit for her owner Stephanie Williams. She has been fitted with all suitable programmes to fulfil this role, and has registered an AI IQ equivalent of 145. She has been fitted with all the desired interest packages her Owner requires of her and is ready to commence duties immediately.”

It was at this point Stephanie realised that one duty couldn't wait any longer, “Then Tracy my dear, eat my very damp pussy until I climax in a heavy orgasm. Oh, and activate human replication mode, I forgot this thing defaults to 100% robot status after conversion!”

She immediately saw Tracy’s body relax and grinned, mind she grinned more as Tracy pulled down her trousers and panties, and her tongue sought out its designated target. Stephanie was so wet that any other lubrication was totally unnecessary. She knew she wouldn't last long, but she didn't care, long passionate sessions of lovemaking, they had years to come of that. Finally she let out a loud squeal of pleasure as the orgasm enveloped her body and Tracy’s face was covered in her sticky juices. She cleaned Stephanie up and then stood in front of her, sticky juices running slowly down her body.

“Good thing these Androids are designed for sexual fluids!” giggled Stephanie to herself, “Or I might have needed to repair her, oh my god that was good, its been too long. But the next time will be a lot sooner!” she added grinning.

Soon after that two women left in Stephanie’s car, the guard not even noticing the fact. She’d kept Tracy’s clothes safe from before, though the then mid length skirt now barely covered the knees where she had grown 2 inches, and the top only just covered her now expanded breasts. Thankfully Stephanie had some clothes set out ready for her at home to match her new body.

Not that she got much chance to wear them that night! It seemed that once Stephanie had let ’ the walls’ tumble down she was as eager as Tracy to have a long, passionate love session. Tongues raced to backs of throats, fingers locked into eager and tight pussies as both girls sought to bring each other to climax after climax. Not surprisingly Stephanie eventually had to call a halt to proceedings, her body was still human after all, and 7 or 8 orgasms was all she could manage. She fell asleep held tight in her new lovers arms, the musky smell of sex was all pervading within the bedroom.

It was only in the morning when she woke to feel a body wrapped against her that she remembered all that had happened and smiled, turning to plant a kiss on Tracy’s lips. Tracy stirred, looked at her and smiled,

“And what would Stephanie like for breakfast?” she asked.

“You?” said Stephanie.

“Sounds good to me!” grinned Tracy, and the bedclothes moved once more.

* * *

The next few days at work Stephanie shocked most of her workmates with a new found sudden keenness to get home from work at night. of course at this point in time they didn't know the reason why! She’d decided it was wise for Tracy not to be seen out too much for the first few days, well not anywhere near work at least. Her apartment had always had a ‘slightly messy’ look because she never had the time, or inclination to look after it properly, but with a little domestic programming Tracy soon had it looking stunningly clean again. As well as which she suddenly developed wondrous cooking skills! So Stephanie had plenty of incentives, as well as the loving sex of course, to hurry home to at night.

But she was also trying to be practical, if she was going to go to ‘company events’ she wanted her partner to be with her, and that meant reintroducing Tracy to people who had known her before, and were going to notice the changes! So OK, cosmetic and laser eye surgery could explain away a lot, though how a poor orphan would have afforded all that...? But the dramatic increase in intelligence, that was going to be a little more tricky to explain! And even more so if someone wanted Tracy to have a medical check up!

But for now she lets things ‘settle down’ by finding Tracy as a job as Air Stewardess with one of the local airlines that had a mixed android/human crew so no one would suspect if she said in the future that she worked for them. Stephanie of course had contacts within the air industry so that wasn't terribly difficult, especially when she mentioned she personally had programmed her.

People at work soon enough found out that Stephanie had found herself a love-partner, there were one or two gasps when they found out it was another woman, but most just turned a blind eye and were just glad the ‘Ice Maiden’ had found someone to defrost her. The fact it made her much nicer to work with was a definite bonus. A few questions were asked, she mentioned her name was Tracy, but no one put two and two together until... the Easter Ball.

Most in fact didn't even realise then that it was the same Tracy who had worked there only a few months before, though one or two did see a resemblance. She was slightly taller, definitely curvier (especially in the right places), and now had perfect vision. And of course far more intelligent. Also of course her confidence, poise and grace had been tweaked on more than one occasion by Stephanie in secret evening sessions prior to the big day. And once Stephanie realised this she decided not to bother to tell them her little secret!

* * *

Stephanie and Tracy continued to live happily together, but then again lets face it, she had programmed Tracy that way so it wasn't a great surprise! What Stephanie did find out though was that her sexual energy couldn't live up to Tracy’s, so in time she had an idea that would improve their life together. She set up a series of programs, made sure no element of mind control would be involved and loaded them into the computer system one night. By then no one even blinked at the idea of Tracy meeting, and collecting her after work. But instead of just getting in the car they both headed for the lab together.

That night the Conversion Chamber was used on another human mind and body, and after that neither Tracy or Stephanie ever ran out of steam in their long and powerful lovemaking sessions, maybe there was a good reason for that? Surely Stephanie didn't convert herself with Tracy’s help...? Or maybe she did!

Anyway, both lived happily ever after for many, many years, their love never diminishing for each other. They did keep their secret for the rest of their lives, which was for... I’ll let you decide how long! ;)


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