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The Android-Maid-Easy Factory

by DownTheHobbittHole

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Well after much waiting in the lobby, the tour of the new android maid factory was now underway, as you and about 20 other people follow the tour guide through a set of big double doors out into a long glass tunnel overlooking the factory.

Kara smiled as she fixed her bandana in her long brown hair. She had been looking forward to this tour for ages, Androids had become a big thing, from waitresses to personal maids, they were everywhere. Now she finally got to see how they were made. Being an engineering enthusiast, she couldn't wait to see all the hidden technical stuff that went on here. She stayed to the back of the group so she could look as long as she wanted, she had to smirk at the fact the tour guide herself was an android following a program.

As the tour group continued on you pass by loads of conveyor belts all whizzing various parts here there and everywhere and for the life of you, you couldn't work out what was happening you try asking the robot tour guide but she just replied that it was a secret and you weren't allowed to know what happened step by step as she continued talking about the history of the factory, a bit fed up of such a silly secret and the tour was boring you decide to find the answer yourself, you see a door to your right that read staff only and it led out onto a little catwalk.

Kara grinned and glanced around, making sure none of the group was looking she quickly darted out through the door and onto the catwalk. Seeing the arms moving around and how close the conveyors were she grinned "now this is the tour I wanted" she said to herself walking along the catwalk.

The cat walk was directly above one of the conveyor belts that was carrying the hollow shell's of the maid androids and was carrying them into a box-like tunnel with plastic strips over the entrance, the conveyor also had 2 tall plastic walls that stopped any parts falling off, looking down at the conveyor you notice a clip-board with a map of the factory as you bend over to get it, an android worker starts walking down the cat walk and bumps into you, pushing you through the bars of the handrail  and sending you tumbling down until you land on your rear end, spot on the centre of the belt, the map had also fallen down right on top of your face, the page had also turned showing a picture of a parts washing machine, with a brief description "the wonder washer MK 4 is the number one choose for washing mechanical pa...".

Suddenly the clip board was pulled away by mechanical hands as the conveyor belt stopped you then noticed a computer screen off to one side it was displaying the message "foreign objects on belt" as the mechanical arms now lift you up a foot off the belt, you thought you would be getting out of here but the arms now started ripping your clothing off, leaving you completely naked as the arms drop you back on the belt as what remained of your clothes are dropped in a bin

Kara screamed in surprise as her clothes were torn from her, she blushed bright red, landing back on her as she tried to cover herself with her hands, calling out for help hoping someone would hear over the noise of the machine.

The conveyor belt now kicked back into life as you’re quickly pulled through the plastic strips and into the tunnel, as soon as your head poked through the strips you know exactly where you are, you’re in the parts washing machine.

My eyes went wide seeing that and I instantly forget my modesty, crawling on all fours trying to go back the way I came. Though no matter how fast I crawled the machines conveyor was faster. My ass and breasts jiggled as I crawled slowly going deeper and deeper in "no no no nononononononono HEEEEELP". In my desperation I try to swat away the mechanical arms as they move in to grab the "object" that is me.

But your resistance is pointless as your quickly snatched up by the mechanical hands as they grapple onto your wrists and ankles, spreading you out into a wide x position as the arms moved forward looking up you see they were attached to a long pulley system that ran the full length of the tunnel.

I grunt and tug uselessly at the arms but their grip is so much stronger than my own strength, I can feel my long brown hair brushing at my upper back as I thrash what little I can, but I know I'm going to get cleaned, until the tunnel opens back up I have no chance of being spotted by any staff that might be passing by.

The arms now pull you through a series of high pressure nozzles that blast you from all angles with hot water hosing you down as they pivoted to get your front and back.

My screams quickly become gurgles as the hot water sprays into my mouth as I'm pivoted around, my hair both blasted up, out and plastered flat to my back. I spit the hot water that scolded my tongue and try to talk "Hewwp" I said, my tongue burnt from the scolding water, my skin pinkish from the heat. This was not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately my cry for help only opened my mouth for more water.

Well now that you had been hosed down the arms pull you forward again under what looked like an ice-cream machine, with its wavy nozzle, as it dripped a foamy pink liquid before your dragged under it and you can hear a humming sound as it starts pumping a large blob of foam onto your head as it drips down  your body leaving only your legs exposed under the foamy mass, you couldn't see anymore but you could still hear as you felt yourself being pulled forward and a loud whirring sound stared up as four large spinning bristle scrubbers converge on you one starts scrubbing your face as the other three scrubbed your neither regions chest and rear end scrubbing the soapy froth into your skin.

I foolishly screamed from the pain as they scrubbed and got a good frothy scrubbing in my mouth, it tasted disgusting like sucking a bar of soap dipped in bleach. That quickly inspired me to keep my mouth shut which wasn't easy, the scrubbing was very invasive and I twitched and shuddered from a growing mixture of pleasure and pain from where the brushes were scrubbing. I found myself dripping which unfortunately just lead to an even more intense scrubbing, by now my legs hidden as I just looked like a huge mass of froth as the arms vanished into the mass scrubbing every inch of me until my entire body was red raw but cleaner than its ever been in my life, the scrubbing made me feel like my skin was boiling, my eyes shut to keep the foam out as I let out a weak and very quiet whimper mixed with a highly aroused moan. These Machines had touched me in a way no human ever had and the pain was mixed with all the pleasure leading to a very stunned and confused mind that was slow to get back up to speed.

As sudden as the scrubbing had started it had stopped, but now your pulled through another series of nozzles this time spraying you with soapy water washing away the froth of pink and any excitement, now you opened your eyes as you could see up ahead of you was a large vat of bubbling water and soap as your dropped in it it comes up to your neck, as your feel something brush up again, as your suddenly lifted out of the water as what looked like two giant belt sanders fitted with microfiber belts as your dripping body is pulled into a pencil position as the microfiber closes in on your dripping soapy body as they start to spin up to speed as your body is scrubbed up to another ball of froth by the machines.

I try to cry out but under the soft but firm rubbing all over my cried quickly devolve into primal moaning my brain still trying to catch up as I once again vanish in a cloud of froth. I don't know how long the arms are rubbing for but it feels like an amazing eternity.

The arms holding you still as the scrubbing continued until, a loud siren goes off and the sander scrubbers pull away with a hiss of steam, the machine had detected your dripping and sought to put an end to it as your pulled down onto a large table and spread out again, now a large nozzle blasts your nethers with more warm water before the spray of water turns into a stream of thick white snow foam as it completely covers your neathers in the soap as it leaves you with a mount of foam where your nether region once was.

I Yelp and moan weakly as the water sprayed before feeling the foam, I try weakly to look down at my nether region, by mind dulled by the experience and my entire skin tender from the scrubbing and rubbing, I pant looking down at the foam confused and unfocused.

Now slowly being lowered down towards your nethers was a large spinning roller brush fitted with extra soft bristles as it plants itself on you and starts spinning scrubbing the soap in as it moves up and down on top of your privates scrubbing you so close, so close.... NOPE, just as you were about to climax the roller brush pulls away and your neither region is hosed down again except this time with cold water.

My back arches as much as the machines grip allows me as I howl in frustration and need before getting sprayed with the cold water and gasping, "howwy fwuk" I said with my still scolded tongue. That cold water blast was unexpected and made me shiver like I got struck by lightning. I struggle and squirm, my brain finally catching up to the situation and I realise how increasingly screwed I was becoming trapped in the machine. My red tender body was a testament to that.

Now your lifted back up and pulled over to the drying area where your blown all over by large heated driers as microfiber towels rub you dry and just like the rest of the machines they also dried the inside of your mouth and rubbed your privates with the soft towels.

I moan and gag as the towels make their way over my body and inside it as well. the tenderness of my body makes its on the verge of painful but the gentleness of the towels make it so nice that my brain was struggling to tell me if I hated it or loved it. I didn't like feeling the inside of my mouth being as dry as a desert but the machines clearly thought I was just another component and I wouldn't get any special treatment here. Now I'm clean, I hope I will get the chance to get out of this crazy machine and find the tour group, naked or not, I needed to see people.

Now that you were all dry you could see more plastic strips up ahead.

Seeing the plastic straps ahead I wince knowing there was still more to come.

As the arms let you go and you roll on out through them on the conveyor as you pass through them you were back on another open strip of conveyor this time the walls were a lot lower and you could easily jump off but something in the back of your mind thought otherwise, up ahead was a large clear box with nozzles inside and the plastic walls were covered in a creamy coloured goo.

Glancing over the sides of the conveyor and back at the clear box I whimpered unsure what to do. Unfortunately my indecision took the choice from me as I went through the plastic straps into the clear box with nozzles. With a shriek I quickly closed my eyes afraid of what the nozzles would squirt out.

Quickly both ends of the box slid shut as the nozzles now started squirting a strong smelling creamy wax onto you as multiple large buffers armed with fluffy wool bonnets rose out of the floor and span up at once they all converged on you as your body was buffed to a glimmering shine by the wax and buffers as more wax continued to squirt out, one nozzle was even positioned at your nethers as the buffers worked every last little bit of wax into your skin until you were as shiny as could be, needless to say every inch of your body had been buffed including your neathers leaving you tingling from all the wax.

My tender body suffered again from the buffing but I stood there, stiff from the waxy coat, I managed to force my eyelids open with a faint cracking sound but my mouth was sealed as well as my ass and nether region. I grunted quietly as the machines manhandled me, making me gleam like a new component fresh out of the... well, factory. With enough effort I could most likely reopen my mouth but I felt so weak from this all.

I grunted and blinked as flecks of wax fell crumbling from my eyelids, my hair was stuck flat to my head from the waxy coating I had received though I was sure it was also tangled as hell. I grunted, feeling my lips sealed and shiny. On all fours I struggled to move, feeling so weak from the entire experience that I didn't have the strength to overpower my wax coating leaving me rigid as a mannequin as the conveyor moved me on.

Moving forward out of the box you're pulled out onto another clear strip and the walls were also low on this section, as you looked ahead you could see a large tunnel with pistons pipes and steam emanating from it, there was also a yellow flashing hazard light, hanging just above the entrance that was covered by more plastic strips.

My eyes went wide but that was the only visible change in my appearance. I wanted to scream but with my lips sealed the little sound I could make with my dry mouth was easily snuffed out by the noise of the machinery as I trundled along the conveyor on my wax covered hands and knees.

As you entered the tunnel the first thing you saw was all the components on your conveyor where being pulled forward and being put together around mechanical skeletons coming into the tunnel on a different track, both tracks rode along side each other, where the conveyor belts joined together there was a gap on your left in which you could wobble over and fall into out off the way of the crazy machines, and also saving you from being mounted on one of the skeletons.

Seeing that I rock my body as much as I can, the wax has such a good grip on me and I'm so tired from struggling that I almost don't make it, but right as the conveyors converge I managed to tip myself off, rolling off the side and smashing into a skeleton sending it in pieces to the factory floor as the wax on my joints cracks from the impact and, rather than roll off this conveyor belt like a sensible person, I stand up dazed right where the skeleton had been, trying to crack my mouth open.

As you stand up the arms converge on you with all the parts as they put the legs of the maid android over the top of yours as they clip together and the same happens to the rest of your body piece by piece the parts are clipped into place over your body now finally the maid head is placed onto yours as the head had been fitted with eye holes and a mouth hole.

I try to struggle but as the mechanical arms polish off the components they are fitting it feels too tight around me, squeezing my waist like a corset and I feel the face plate finally crack my mouth open as it tightly presses against my face, but my head is held so tight I can’t move my jaw, looking out the one way lenses I can see out but no one can see my eyes. I slowly begin moving my metal covered limbs but the mechanical arms move me back into position each time. I didn’t want to be a maid bot!

Now you're pulled out the other end of the tunnel, well at least they didn't glue the parts together and you could still probably pry them off with a screw driver or a knife or something, but looking back ahead you were being pulled towards a large plastic tent fitted with arms and racks upon racks of clothing, the tent was see through and you could see your group had stopped to watch the robots get dressed.

I tried to turn to wave for their attention but with the machine holding me and whirring round me it was probably hard for them to notice me, desperate to get help before I ended up dressed like a maid bot.

But as you tried to wave to the your hand gets caught by a loose cable as it knocks you over and sends you stumbling backwards as you fall over the plastic wall and down onto the cold floor of the work shop, unfortunately for you as you fell down you landed right in front of one of the automated floor cleaners it looked like a road sweeper except it didn't have a driver as it started making its way towards you with its whirring scrubbing brushes and spray nozzles.

Behind the lenses my eyes widen and a very faint grunting escapes my mouth hole, so faint I can't even hear it as I stiffly sit up trying to get out of the way but it’s a lot faster than I am trying to move metal with my exhausted body and I'm barely sat up when it’s on me.

First of multiple hands come out of the side of the cleaner as you are grabbed by them and pinned down as the rest of the start unclipping all the parts starting from your feat up, placing all the metal in a recycling box on its back, as each piece was taken off you feed into the machine, the sprayers and scrubbers spraying your feet with warm water and scrubbing them, pulling the waxy coating off as this happened.

I gasp unable to believe my luck, the machine was freeing me. I was saved. I waited for it to remove all the wax.

As your slowly fed inside you feel a large brush underneath as it scrubs the front half of you as the front bristles now started on your upper legs and neathers, however the machines had used a lot of wax here and the brushes had to work extra hard to get it off.

I gasp and moan squirming in the machines grip as I can feel the brushes through the wax and the vibrations are driving me mad.

Now as your pulled deeper into the cleaner your feet are suddenly blasted with more soapy water and are set upon by dozens of bristles from a giant cylinder brush under the machine as your feat get scrubbed again.

At that I thrash and laugh, my feet still tender are heavily ticklish and any fight left in me instantly goes as all my energy goes into my laughter as I'm pulled further and further into the machine.

Finally your face and hair are being scrubbed by the rotary brushes as your neathers are now getting hosed and scrubbed by the inner brushes as the spin round and round right on the spot.

Hidden inside the machine and muffled by the brushes in my face my moans get louder and louder as I curl my toes, arching my back inside the machine as I'm drawn towards climax.

But before you can cum you're quickly pulled forwarded as your sprayed with more cold water and are sucked dry by a vacuum strip before being spat out the back of the machine once you were out of the machine four long arms from the conveyor were snaking down towards you.

I moaned in frustration lying there and reached down trying to finish myself off, which sadly meant I didn't realise the arms were snaking towards me until they grabbed hold. I cried out "not again, help!".

The arms also pulling your hands away so you couldn't finish as you’re led back to the dressing area.

I struggle uselessly as they carry me "wait I'm not a android, look I'm not covered in metal!!!" I cry out as they carry me along, I wanted to cry at my luck.

Now as your lifted back onto the belt and dropped in front of the plastic tent more arms grab a hold of your wrists and ankles as your pulled into the dressing area, you look over to the glass walkway where your group last was but they were nowhere to be seen, they must have moved on, but finding where your group had gone was the least of your worries as more arms started racking through the racks of clothing, there were also more hands racking through bins filled with bras, panties and stockings.

I struggle uselessly in the machines powerful grip letting out a terrified whimper let me go...please let me go... I cry out pleading with the uncaring machine. Thankful at least it seems not to have realised I'm missing the metal plating, all I have to worry about is being dressed up, then someone will find me as rescue me... right?

But your soon snapped back to reality as the arms now returned with a rather skimpy maid outfit, it was very revealing with its built in ruffled black mini skirt and its pink fur trim around the neck line, arms and skirt, it also had a pink ribbon on the front in a criss-cross pattern and tied at the top in a big bow, on the back of the dress was a fluffy black cat tail with another pink bow tied at its base.

The arms that had been racking through the bins now returned with a matching pair of white and pink polka dot bra and panties, with pink lace running around the edges and to top it all off they each had a little pink ribbon bow with a heart shaped silver jingly bell rested on top, as the arms now started sliding the bra and panties on before they put the dress on and to top it all off the arms grabbed a pair of thigh high black stockings with more pink fur trim and a black cat ear head band with little tufts of fluffy pink fur inside each ear and more ruffled lace running from cat ear to cat ear, and finally one last pair of arms slipped a pair of glittery black kitten heeled shoes with another pink ribbon bow on the top of each one, you were now fully dressed as the arms stood you up and let you go as your pulled out of the tunnel by the conveyor belt.

I cringe at the girlyness of the outfit, I shudder feeling the almost liquidy smoothness of the tight maid outfit pressing against my torso, amplifying the appearance of my breasts, which right now gleamed like a varnished table after all the polishing and buffing the machines had put me through. I feel the fur tickle against my sensitive skin and glance in the reflective metal to see the kitty tail with the bow. "I...I’m being made into a kitty maid?" I say shocked. I know they do custom designs for the maids so they have different models but I hadn't expected to be dressed up like one.

I wobble uselessly in the new heels sticking my arms out trying to keep my balance on the moving conveyor, as I'm moved out of the tunnel the sudden light makes me instinctively close my eyes and raise a hand to protect them as they adjust, costing me valuable seconds as the conveyor moves.

As your eyes adjust to the new bright over head led lights, you notice multiple large inspection cameras  off to the sides of the belt behind large plastic walls to protect them from damage, as you pass through them a loud buzzer goes off and a flashing red light comes on, apparently something was wrong with this little cat maid.

I jump at the sudden sound almost losing my balance and look around, seeing the flashing red light, "oh good it must have realised I'm a person. I'm saved" I begin to relax.

Your hopes are quickly squashed as a hand holding a pink feather duster moves in and places it in your hand and puts a pull cord around your wrist to stop you loosing it, the flashing light now turns green as a ding sound now plays as your pulled on your way towards the packaging and shipping area, as you headed towards a concrete wall with more plastic strips hanging in front of the conveyor, the wall was clearly there to separate the shipping from the factory.

I Yelp and gulp trying to turn and walk quickly in heels back against the conveyor "HELP PLEASE HELP IM NOT A PRODUCT!". I can hear my frilled out skirt rustle with my movements, feel it's tightness around me, the swish of the tail against the back of my legs as I hold the feather duster aloft slowly losing ground with the conveyor desperate to be rescued before I end up shipped off somewhere.

But your suddenly tripped up as one of the heels catches on the joint in the conveyor, just your luck, as your quickly dragged through the strips and into the packing area, on the other side of the wall it was all open as you could see the racks upon racks off card board boxes to your left, just behind the tunnel which your group was now standing at.

Seeing my tour group watching the packaging area I frantically wave my feather duster holding arm and cry out, "Help please! It thinks I'm a maid bot".

But they can’t hear you and don't notice you as your suddenly apprehended by robot hands that spread you out into a spread eagle position as the hem of your skirt is flipped up and your panties pulled down exposing your rump as your pulled forward to what looks like a branding iron as your tour group is now starring at you, as the tour guide announces, "That is one of our custom built android maids, each aspect of its design and features have been handpicked by one of our high end customers, you can see it is having our company logo and tracking number being put in an inconspicuous place, also requested by the customer." As the tour group don't even recognise you they just think your another android, as the iron is placed onto your left cheek as it stamps you with, the company logo of a little android maid dusting a trophy shelf with the company name underneath, "cyber-maid-easy" and just below that was your own personal tracking number 1694-3574-9768, as the paint quickly dries out and your panties are pulled back up into position and your skirt put back in place.

I wanted to protest to the robotic guide as she told the group of my assumed identity but the sudden pain of the stamp had me bite down hard to keep from screaming, by the time I could talk the group had already moved out of my limited sound thanks to the noise of the machines. I didn't realise how artificial I looked with my gleaming polished skin that looked unnaturally flawless. I hang my head in defeat and slump in the robots grip as I know I can't win, looking like a polished plastic android and branded as one I knew now, I was only getting off this conveyor belt one way, the same as the rest of the maids.

Now you are pulled further along the belt, all the while being held by the hands as you're now being pulled towards a large glossy card board box fitted with a plastic viewing window, it looked like a large doll box as the group continued to watch as your lifted up and dropped inside, as you're held still with your hands by your sides as plastic cable ties are feed through holes in the back as your tied down by them, as they fastened around your ankles, thighs, neck, upper arms, wrists and one big one around your torso which ended up pulling up the front of your skirt by accident as your polka dot panties were now on full display for all the tour group to see, now the top of the box was folded shut and hot glued in place.

My last shred of defiance finally burst forth and I cried out for help, my cries completely muffled to silence by the sealed box, but my mouth hopefully visible through the glossy plastic of the box. I struggle against the cable ties but I can't budge an inch, other than my mouth and eyes I'm totally immobile like the other boxed robots.

Unfortunately the group had turned around to watch some of the boxes being taken of the racks and loaded into the back of a lorry, now your box is suddenly lift and dropped into another plain cardboard box as you're pulled under a large hose as it fills the box up with polystyrene lumps as its filled to the brim and the box is closed and packing taped shut, blocking out any light as you're left there in the dark, as the tour group turn back around as your box is pulled forward into a wrapping machine as your box is covered by black and pink striped wrapping paper with pink ribbon running up the sides and tied at the top in a big pink bow before a delivery sticker is slapped on with all the delivery information on it, as your wrapped up box is finally picked up and loaded straight onto a small delivery van to be express shipped straight to a waiting customer.


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