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A Dominant Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; fembot; arousal; bond; oral; mast; climax; machine/f; naked; pod; prepare; suit; encase; program; mindcontrol; domme; sub; cons; X

Leaving work, I waved goodbye to the receptionist and walked out onto the college campus. The field was covered by students sunning themselves in the cool spring weather. I couldn’t help but notice that many of them were encased in sleek chrome fembot suits. Some were clearly doing a bit more than sunning but I laughed it off as I hopped on my bike and headed home. My wife and I were both professors at the university, and I served as the faculty advisor to the Greek system, including the newly formed STB sorority, which comprised of only fembot women. As I rode home, I thought back to the meeting I had had with one of girls. She came into my office clad from neck to feet in one of the suits, and upon me asking explained the various functions of it. I was intrigued and I told my wife about it, who also seemed excited at the possibility.

As I parked my bike and walked inside, I could hear the faint hum of machinery as I opened the door. Suddenly, before me stood a beautiful fembot unlike any I had ever seen. She was sleek, chrome in color, and her lips stood out like any I had seen before. She came up to me and spoke.

“Greetings, my name is Laurabot. Your wife Clara wanted me to wish you a happy anniversary and to allow you a chance to try out your gift. Sadly, she cannot be here this weekend due to a conference, but she has asked me to “experiment” with you. Welcome, May I take your coat Rachel?”

Stoked that my wife had thought of such an amazing gift, I let her take my coat off, feeling her cold metal rubbing against me as she did so. Additionally, I took off all my clothing except for my latex underwear, ready to take her on. I lead her into our bedroom, which had enough BDSM gear to make anyone faint, and began to make out with her on the bed. I could feel her cool metal body over every inch, and the inside of her mount felt metallic and sexy. We experimented for a while, at one point I locked her to the chair and ate her out like there was no tomorrow. Her moans and mine sounded beautiful, and our pleasure kept on rising. At one point we took a rest and laid down on the bed, each of us with fingers in the others vagina. Moaning, I could feel her cool metal creating the perfect rhythm of pleasure down there. If we hadn’t been on leather sheets, we’d have stained everything. Even so as we stood up we were both slick from our pleasure juices. She then spoke.

“Now that you have, shall we say, experienced the suit, are you ready to become one yourself?”

Shaking my head yes, she lead me over to two new items in the corner. One looked strangely like a pod while the other had a box shape to it. I went up to the box and placed my hand out onto it as I felt Laurabot remove my underwear. As the door opened I stood there stark naked, really to be received. The arms inside grabbed me and turned me around. The last thing I saw was Laurabot smiling at me as the doors closed with a click. I felt my shoes being put on first as I was held in the air under my armpits. My feet were put up into the heels and slotted in before another piece of metal closed them in. They were sexy and sleek, just like the rest of my body would be. It slowly moved up my legs, with each piece having been custom fitted to my body. It would accent and improve all of my parts, making me an extremely sexy fembot. My joints were put into place, allowing me a full range of motion, just in a more robotic way. My leg components were a bit thicker, allowing me to have a much bigger, but natural looking, butt and hips. As it reached my private regions, I prepared for what was to come. 

The machine held nothing back, and it shoved a piece right into my butt, forcing me to stand up as straight as I could from the force. Additionally, sensors were placed throughout my vagina, and a large rod was shoved in. From the outside there was a slot that could be opened to allow more objects to increase the pleasure to the bot. I felt the machine test it, and would have fallen over from the test had it not been for the support from the arms. 

Next the corset came on. It was tight and fit so well against my body. It was layered into place, with each one getting progressively tighter. I was in heaven from the feelings. I love the feeling of tight clothing all around my supple body, it made me feel even more sexy and feminine. Next up came the boob plates. The main component curved upwards, giving me an even more perfectly fem body. I felt the back attach with a click as the front came on as well, leaving only my tits exposed. The machine covered my nipples with sensors and then covered my boobs in large cups, turning my B sized boots into sexy D cups. Combined with everything else, I now had the body of a true model, but I wasn’t finished yet. 

My arms were covered in more metal, and my hands were encased in perfect metal gloves, covering every inch. The fingers could also vibrate for extra sensations down there. The arms then grabbed my head and applied the next corset, before proceeding with the rest of the helmet. The faceplate was beautiful, and I opened wide as it shoved a piece into my mouth. The lips would function as mine would, my actual lips would just be kept open by the rod which now occupied my mouth. With a click the faceplate attached and I could feel various wires plug in. With a hiss all of the air was expelled from my suit and it went tight against every inch. Soon it activated all of the sensors for testing and I shook like crazy from the pleasure. I got two orgasms out before the machine slowed down and released me into the arms of Laurabot. 

“How do you feel?”

“Amazing and Sexy.”

She shook her head happily, “Good, now for the next stage. Due to spring break there is no school next week so your wife has asked me to lock you into the pod for the weekend until she returns. You’ll be trained as a dominatrix. Are you willing to do this?”

So thrilled by the possibility, I said yes and was lead into the pod. She hit a few buttons and the pod opened, showing a sort of recliner with slots for my legs, arms, and head. She helped me into position and then activated the pod. Suddenly straps came out, locking me into place. Panels covered my arms and legs, leaving only my torso and head exposed. I looked like I was part of the machine, but it wasn't done yet. Wires attached themselves all over my body, and I felt something enter me from the rear. As the door closed the pod lowered a piece down into my vagina, which opened up to accept it. My sides began vibrating, and the machine covered my boobs with a special pleasure piece. For my head, I was locked into a hood, leaving my face featureless from the outside. Another rod attached itself into my mouth, and I felt nutrients enter my body to keep me alive.

My eyes were shown a series of images, as a chant played in my ears. “You are Dominant, you will dominate. You are a dominant fembot. You will be a good mistress; you are a powerful woman.” I relaxed as the machine took over, learning and being programmed. 

I didn’t even notice that the time had passed until the pod opened and I was released from it. Before me stood my wife Clara, clearly having gone through her own transformation. She kneeled before me, saying “Mistress, I am yours”. I lead her to the bed and opened wide, forcing her head down to eat me out. She did it so well that I was moaning faster than ever before. This was the start of our weeklong affair in these suits, and we’d forever be fembots together.


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